Ready to Shop? Choose from our list of the UK's top credit catalogues.

Catalogues with credit accounts have many benefits for those looking to buy on finance. These include being able to pay later for items or even spread the cost over several months or even years. However, there are also some negatives, such as increased risk of damaging your credit rating, getting yourself in debt and of course, interest costs.

It is up to you to make the right choice for your personal situation, but always remember to read the terms and conditions of any store before you make a purchase.


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Bad Credit?

If you're credit rating is lower than average, you may find yourself getting refused a credit account. Check out our list of poor credit catalogues.

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Pay Later

Looking to pay later on your purchases? Check out our list of catalogues which offer buy now and pay later credit options.

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Spread the Cost

Prefer to spread the cost instead? Most catalogues allow you to pay back what you borrow in monthly or weekly installments.

Buying from credit catalogues can be a great way to make your money go a bit further. Whether you need to buy a gift for a special somebody, or need to replace an appliance, buying on credit can be a way to do this without straining your finances. As long as you are sensible with how many things you buy on credit it is actually a very sensible way to buy unexpected items. From televisions, to washing machines, and even clothes can all be purchased through catalogue stores.

Bad Credit
If you have a poor credit history then you might be worried about applying for credit from a catalogue store. Fortunately though there's no need to panic. Many of the stores which offer credit will lend to more people than a standard credit card. It's also nice that you can apply for most of the catalogue stores online, so there's no embarrassment when you are turned down because of your credit score.

What can you Buy?
There are lots of different catalogue stores in the UK which sell a wide variety of different products. Many of these stores are very large and stock lots of different items which can all be purchased at the same time. Two of the best known examples of catalogue stores in the UK include Littlewoods and Argos. Both of these have similar ranges of products and similar deals when customers buy on credit.

The really nice thing about Argos is that they have stores in the high street and online. You can apply for the Argos card easily online and most people will be approved immediately. You will then discover your credit limit. The Argos card is similar to a credit card, but can only be used within Argos stores and Argos online. This can be used to purchase anything up to your credit limit. Depending on how much you spend, you will get different interest free deals.

Argos stock many different types of products, from kitchen appliances to televisions. Almost any electrical product can be found in the Argos catalogue or on their website. As long as you pay the Argos card off in full before the end of the promotional period you will not have to pay any interest, however if you fail to clear the whole balance then the interest will be backdated.

Littlewoods used to have stores all over the country, but now they only exist online. Even so they offer some great interest free credit deals which can be very attractive. Just like Argos, Littlewoods sell large appliances. But they also sell clothing and various other household items. Buying from credit catalogues in the UK can make your money go that bit further. Just make sure you can afford the monthly repayments and you shouldn't have a problem.